Fibercode is at the cutting edge of mobile development. We specialize in Android mobile applications. We are not a company that tries to be a jack of all trades that ends up being a master of none! When it comes to mobile development, our phocus is on Android, Android and Android! We pride ourselves as being among the best application developers in the world for this platform.

There are no secrets for us in the world of Android. We started developing for the Android version 1.1 and have been progressing along with the platform since then.

What also distinguishes us from others in this new technology field is our ability to seamlessly integrate mobile applications with the “cloud”. We provide complete solutions both on the mobile side and the server side.

Some of our very successful applications on the Android market:

  • Family Tracker
  • Sex Offenders Search
  • Nuclear Site Locator
  • Dive Spots
  • Boat Ramps